What I Do

  • Sonic Profiling: By gathering information and data about your creation, I create a sonic profil, trailor made to your values and ambitions.
  • Composing: I compose a trailor made composition for your movie or media. I pride myself on strengtening the identity of your creations with my composition
  • SoundDesign: I design the sounds your creation needs. Everything from creating samples to creating the clicking sounds to your new app.
  • Editing: I edit your creation, so it has timing and flow that fits your vision
  • Audio director: By combing all the abilitys mentioned on this page, I take the directorial role over the audio part of your creation and lead your vision to finalization.
  • Mixing: I mix the sound of your creation and help you get your vision towards the final stage.
  • Mastering: I master your creation, giving it a coherent feel and help you take it to the final stage
  • Audio Restoration: I restor your audio and remove unwanted noise, to help present your creation as you vision.
  • Production: I help produce your creation and communicate your vision and values to your audience