Politichefens Hemmeligh

By: B.T.

Composer,Sound-Designer,Editor,Mixer  Sound Technician,Producer & Organizeser

"After meeting the journalist Søren Ishøy, I helped him turn his 5 1/2 years of investigating jourlalism into a mini podcast sereis. Together we made "Politichefens Hemmelighed" 

Livet Som Pokerspiller

By: Danske Spil

Jingle & Mix/Master

"After talking with the host Kasper Saugmann we together found the sound of podcast" 

Bag om historien


"After talking with the host Sanne Fahnøe, I compsed the jingle for Bag om historien" 

By: B.T.


Composer,Sound-Designe, Editor, Mixer.

"During my time at Zetland I composed music to their articles. In some cases, when we had the time, I also made sound-design and edited the recording and mixed the episodes. I learned to work fast anf I am especially proud of my work on 

"Mød Tysklands corona-oprører"

Den Uafhængige

By: Asger Juhl

Composer,Sound-Designer and Sound Technician

"During my time at Den Uafhængige I recorded speaks, made radiospots/jingles/background music, helped improved the studio, audio quality and the visual composition, edited podcasts and made sounddesign for podcasts and mixed podcasts

Danskere, der ændrede historien

(Nina Bang Episoden)

By: Asger Juhl

Sound-Designer, Editer, Mixer,Master

"This was my first time editing a podcast with out a script. I had to find the story durring my editing proces, where I edited a 70 minute interview, and to speaks down to a 31:37 mintues podcast 

Fries Before Guys

By: Nanna Elizabeth & Josephine Kuhn

Mixing,Mastering & Audio Restorlation

"After meeting Nanna, I began mixing her podcast "Fries Before Guys" for a periode of time. In the end I gave her some tips about how she could mix the podcast herself"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Mixing,Mastering, Audio Restoration

"After working with Nanna on "Fries Before Guys" she contacted me about mixing a podcast she was editing. I enjoyed working with Nanna again"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Forsvaret I Virkeligheden

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