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When I composed the score for the 1 season of Dopamin, I worked close together with the series sound-designer "Kevin Bavnhøj". 

Together we worked hard to give Dopamin a sound identity and in my honest opinion we succeded.


Directed by: Johannes Pico Haynes


The team from RAINBOWS wanted to use some of my exsisting music in the series.

The following songs are featured: "The Mismedication of Peter K. Nørgaard"

"Pink Drinks" and "Ambulatorium"

Ambulatorium features vocals from Marie Odbjerg and "Pink Drinks" is the closing song of each episode

You can stream RAINBOW on TV2Play


Directed by: Anna Eline Friis-Rasmussen

Composer, Musical Mixer,

Desire recived praises on release and got a 5 star review in EkkoFilm, where the reviwer highlighted the music


Directed by: Tone Ottilie

Composer, Musical Mixer,

"I composed the score for "Katastrofer" together with fellow composer Ida Duelund.

I learned allot working with Ida." 

Peter K. Nørgaard

Katastrofer reviewed praises on release and got a 5 star review in EkkoFilm

Finale(The Ringmaster)

Directed by: Søren Juul Petersen

Composer, Musical Mixer, Sound Design

"The Ringmaster was my first full lengte feature movie.

I composed over 70 minutees of music in 2 1/2 month

It was a great experience"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Link to "Finale" on BlockBuster

Make Some Noise For LGBT                         Rights

Directed by: Tone Ottilie

Composer, Musical Mixer

"Scoring the stories for LGBT Rights was a big responsability, because I wanted to honor the courage and emotions of the storytellers. "

Peter K. Nørgaard

Where The Trees Bend


Directed by: Thomas Elley

Composer, Musical Mixer

"Where The Trees Bend was one of my first short movies as a composer and it served as my way in to movie composing"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Black Dragon Express

Composer, Musical Mixer

"The Black Dragon Express was a mix of nostalgia and Sci-Fi

To score that feeling I used a mixture of orcehstral and synthesizers"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Directed by: Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre 



Directed by: Malene Choi

Composer, Musical Mixer

"I was choosen to score Hende because of my work in modern electronic beat music"

Peter K. Nørgaard


Directed by: Emil Borch Larsen

Composer, Musical Mixer

"Wonderland had no dialog so the music played a big part in conveying the emotions

This was the first time I had a deep working relationship with the director and I think

you can hear our effort in the final score" 

Peter K. Nørgaard

UFO Filmen

Directed by: Karsten Pis

Composer, Musical Mixer, Sound Design

"UFO Filmen is the most experiemntal movie I have worked on.

The experimental energy of the movie was gasoline for my own creativety


Peter K. Nørgaard


Directed by: Mie Skjoldemose

Composer, Musical Mixer, Sound Mixer, Foley Artist

"Trunk was my first short movie as a composer. I was also the sound mixer of the movie. Trunk won an aword for the best sound mix "

Peter K. Nørgaard

Selective musical moments of Trunk

on YouTube

"SA.UN and I began a collaboration where we viewed ourself as a band. The music was inspired by the. visuals and the visuals was inspired by the music.

We where both tired of the commerical surface of the design industri and wanted to dive deep into our creativety"

Peter K. Nørgaard

Collaboration with visual designer SA.UN

Visit SA.UN's tublir here